03 Jul 2015

A few comments after the Presentation Day.

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During a warm summer Tuesday evening at the stable of Cool Horses NV (the stable of the international dressage rider Isabel Cool) the selected foals were filmed and photographed for the final auction on August 1 in Stable Hulsterlo (during the Belgian Championship Dressage).

To provide the foals of professional comments, the help was called in from three renowned men in the dressage world. Gertjan Van Olst, Eddy Schuurmans and Philippe Jorissen Gertjan Van Olst runs a respected breeding company in the Netherlands named Van Olst Horses. Eddy Schuurmans is a member of the committee pedigree Dressage of the Belgian studbook BWP. Philippe Jorissen is a professional dressage rider and represented Belgium numerous times at the highest level in the dressage sport.

foto4Gertjan: “This auction is definitely on the right track. You see it especially in the bloodlines,there is a very wide range available. A very wide oriented auction, Dutch stallions, German stallions. Top suppliers from all over Europe but also with an eye to prospective buyers. With this selection, there are many possibilities. For example there is a stallion that could immediately be able to participate the stallion approvals… there are good breeding horses, there are good sport horses. In short, a whole wide range of really good dressage foals. ”

Eddy: Last year we set up the auction for the first time and then I also participated in the selection. That went very well, we have sold about 15 foals at an average price of 6,800 euros. Thanks to the success we participate again. We were able to select more severe in this edition due to the increased supply. What I especially noticed that the top is wider than last year. Last year 2 or 3 foals jumped out, this year 6 or 7 foals. That is a clear improvement. ”

Philippe: “The auction last year was a success, and not only the quality of the foals but also by offering these foals in one location. It is often difficult for a professional rider to ride to breeders to see there foals. At the Belgian Championship you see immediately a good selection of foals where you can make a choice, which is a huge advantage.

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