29 Jul 2018

A very beautiful and blood made stallion, has an exceptional trot and presents him very well all over again. A head that can drink from a glass. In addition, many sports in the pedigrees. This will be a striking and noble dressage horse that will suit many amazon or riders perfectly.

Mother line: Mother line: The dam line of Sir Sancy is built with the Holsteiners Camus and Latano. Latano is the father of the grand prix dressage horse Quicksilver (Jeannette Haazen), Camus is known as the sire of several Grand Prix dressage horses including Rosantica (David Engelen) but also Uxtro van de Vlasblomhoeve, Vivaldi van de Lindenhof and Calypso van het Goorhof. Camus was known for the inheritance of his beautiful models. The dam line was bred especially in the jumping direction with several international jumping horses as a result.

Father line: Sir Donnerhall I is, beside San Amour I, the most successful son of Sandro Hit, due to his excellent maternal line. Sir Donnerhall I gave a lot of top mares but he is also the father of world champions, Bundes champions, prize toppers and inspection champions. In 2014, his daughter Special Diva won the Bundeschampionat for three-year-old mares and geldings and his approved son Sir Heinrich won the complete prize at the five-year-old dressage horses. His son Sa Couer was world champion in 2012 and 2013 with the young dressage horses in Verden and absolute prize topper during the PSI-auction in Ankum. The German breeding value index has, for many years now, been designating the Sir Donnerhall I performing at Grand Prix level now as one of the best dressage horses supplier. He was 2nd reserve champion during his own show, Hauptprämienchampion in 2005, Bundes- as well as world champion in the five-year dressage horses in 2006 and has developed himself early as a top-class sire. In the meantime he produced more than 85 approved sons, including the NRW champion stallion and vice-Bundeskampioen Silbermond, the champion’s stallions of the South German inspections Sir Nymphenburg I and Sir Schiwago as well as many premium stallions at the various judges. More than 80 daughters have since been awarded the Staatprämie predicate

Stallion – 31/05/2018 – Brown
Breeder: Souleika Cretskens

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